Storm Drainage


Efficient stormwater drainage requires the adequate capture, storage and disbursement of stormwater. EJ can assist with roof and floor drains, polymer concrete channel systems, sump grates, trench grates and road gully grates. Many of our products are available bolted down, hinged, lift assist and custom badging as required. Also available are Safe HatchTM safety grates, InfraRiserTM rings, step irons and kerb adaptors / gutter outlets. Hydraulic flow rates are available on request.

Recent major projects include : QTMR road gully grates, BCC road gully grates, Gold Coast road gully grates, Humes Drainway road gully grates, Clem 7 Tunnel, Airport Link Tunnel, Legacy Way Tunnel, Sydney Cross City Tunnel, Brisbane Gateway Bridge 2, Go Between Bridge, Inner City Bypass, Westgate Freeway, Eastlink Project, Monash Freeway, Graham Farmer Freeway & Tunnel, M1 Freeway Brisbane to Gold Coast.

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