We complement our extensive in-house knowledge with third-party research and input from industry experts. Our product designers use the latest software to generate designs. We also ensure that our products perform optimally through finite element analysis, in-house tests on materials, and load tests on product prototypes. We further verify that our products stand up under today's demands through our on-road testing and research. Once we are satisfied that our products will best meet customer needs, we manufacture them in best-in-class facilities and distribute them in over 140 countries.

Customer-driven. Constant innovation.

Personal safety for every EJ employee is imperative. We incorporate safe practices into every process, product and service we provide - from design and manufacture, through distribution and end use.

Our highly trained and experienced in-house product development teams will provide the optimum solutions to solve our customers' challenges. We will continue to explore the use of alternative materials for special application areas. With the combined strengths of the EJ global network, no other company matches our:

  • customer care
  • inventory levels
  • product range
  • certified quality
  • technical expertise
  • product development
  • manufacturing capacity

Customized casting. Optimum performance.

We allow customers to customize many of our products with permanent messages and images. Our products are designed to provide optimum performance.

Our legacy of continuous improvement, innovation and safety will extend far into the future.

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