Corporate Culture

Shared commitment. Common bond.

With integrity and heart, we have responded to our customers' needs and expectations and built a name for ourselves: EJ. We've been committed to creating the best infrastructure access solutions for our customers and backing them with unparalleled customer care. This commitment is our common bond. It melts distance, cultures and language. It's what strengthens us as a company.

We are the global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of access covers and gratings for water, sewer, drainage, telecommunications and utility networks.

Global expertise. Local understanding.

As a worldwide company, we excel at serving our customers by leveraging our global and local strengths. To ensure every customer benefits from our global learning we collaborate across departments. From Design to Manufacture, Research to Customer Care - from North America to France, Australia to Ireland - we share facts, data and developments across all disciplines.

This expertise includes the intelligence we gain through in-house research, on-road testing,and through participation in standards committees around the world. Our research and collaboration give us the edge in creating the best infrastructure solutions available -solutions that lead the industry, act as best-in-class benchmarks, and satisfy the most demanding customer expectation.

Our distribution network, manufacturing facilities, and highly developed understanding of local cultures and standards puts us in a perfect place to back our solutions with knowledgeable and responsive customer service. Our modern, regional production capabilities put inventories within quick reach of our customers. The result: Our customers have unrivaled access to innovations, inventories and service in the field.

Our People: our core strength

Along with our distributors and agents, we take pride in what we do. We are honest and genuinely committed to creating and maintaining real, long-lasting relationships. We work where you work, we live where you live. We hire the right people, and give them superior knowledge. It is our employees' world-class knowledge and expertise that continues to keep us leading in our globally competitive industry.

We are fortunate to have a long history of attracting and retaining outstanding people. Our workforce is diverse, knowledgeable and loyal and often includes multiple generations from the same family. Our passionate and dedicated teams repeatedly earn recognition for their high degree of professionalism.

Customer satisfaction. Anticipating success.

Through the years, we've forged strong bonds with our customers. As a company with strong roots in family and heritage, it's no wonder that we regard our customers as part of our family as well. We call it our customer connection and we continuously strive to improve it by:

  • Furnishing product design support from conception through installation
  • Providing onsite assistance by our engineers and customer service personnel who know the local standards
  • Hosting seminars and technical demonstrations
  • Providing engineers and architects with the necessary tools (for example, drawings to aid the specification process)
  • Communicating new product innovations and additions to product lines
  • Delivering products quickly and smoothly worldwide
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