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EJ is a world of the very best in grates, the essentials for life-long quality construction whether its civil works, infrastructure of any kind for airports and ports, rail systems, shopping centres, malls, hospitals, education facilities, sporting stadiums, office towers and apartments, whole townships, city centres – you get the picture. Anywhere there’s pavement, rooftops, boulevards, highways and byways, EJ grates top the charts.

“Wherever grates are required in the Asia Pacific region, the most comprehensive inventory is available from EJ for those most commonly used parts, are in our stock yards ready to hit the road to your site.” Ian Maddocks, EJ National Sales Manager, Brisban

The EJ album of grates is extensive, with grates made from highest quality available raw materials in foundries in all corners of the EJ world, France, Germany and the US. Let’s begin with ductile iron grates. These are rated from B (80kN) up to G (900kN) Class loadings in sump grate and trench grate designs. 

The incredible strength and long lasting qualities of ductile iron make them the perfect choice for heavy duty applications where loads can be anywhere from masses of pedestrians and cycles to massive heavy transports and container cranes.

Facts Without the Spin

Ductile iron trench grates are available in transverse and longitudinal configurations and for special applications in high foot traffic areas, our exclusive HEELPROOF™ grates are ideal, being non-slip and high-heel proof. Our ductile iron sump grates provide highly efficient water drainage and are safe and cycle wheel proof.

And then there’s our specialist self-locking V-grate and frame, also in ductile iron which is extensively deployed on roadways, carparks and residential subdivisions. This design provides a split, hinged grate for easy access, for the removal of rubbish and other debris. Just another practical solution from EJ.

EJ is setting the tempo not only with ductile iron grates, but also in galvanized mild steel (GMS) and stainless steel (SS) grates and frames. Cycle safe GMS sump grates are hinged and bolt down. GMS trench grates and frames are built with transverse load bars and also feature bolt down grates for safety and security. It is advisable that in areas where medium to heavy traffic moves around, ductile iron grates should be specified.
In surfaces that can be subject to water, EJ recommends their range of skid-proof Sump Grates and Frames and Trench Grates and Frames. Not only are they HEELPROOF™ they’re also skid proof, being finished in a coating of hard wearing, coarse grained paint. Colour options are available in the paint finish. The sizes and class ranges are sure to harmonise perfectly with your project requirements.

Grades 304 and 316 stainless steel grates can be supplied in either sump or trench configurations. These smart designed grates feature a very narrow 3mm aperture that even stilettos won’t jam in.

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On the Road Again

For safety in wet or icy conditions, road gully grates and frames are essential. And EJ has this infrastructure well and truly covered. The selection is extensive with a variety of designs manufactured in galvanized mild steel and ductile iron. Designs include drainway and side entry pit covers. And in a more serious vein, EJ carries a range of Iguazu ductile iron gully grates and lintels (Class D), side entry Tempo and TempoPlus (Class D) and the HYDROSTREAM ductile iron casting.

The EJ Brand Hits the Right Note

EJ has been designing and manufacturing grates for more than 135 years, so you’d have to think they have more know-how than most. Covers and all things grate are sourced from foundries around the globe. That’s why our symbol is a globe. So, for best value, EJ is a world beater!

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