Rejillas para alcorques

 Rejillas para alcorques

Complement your streetscape

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Decorative tree grates by EJ are the perfect blend of form and function. Available in many styles and designs, they promote healthier trees by offering air and rainwater a path to the roots, while providing a flat, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant pedestrian surface.

tree grate-streetForm and Function

Tree grates blend artistic form with function to protect tree roots, manage stormwater, and maintain neat, orderly, and safe sidewalks. Protect your investment in green infrastructure and maximize benefits to your community by promoting healthy tree growth and longevity. Cast iron tree grates are made to last and adapt to your trees as they grow. Choose the correct size tree grate and removable center rings so your trees can reach their full potential.

Cast Iron…The Natural Choice - Cast iron grating is strong, durable, and stands up to harsh environmental conditions. In its natural state, gray iron develops a pleasant, dark brown patina as it ages. Cast iron is inherently resistant to corrosion from natural elements and will last for many years in its original state.

Made in the USA - Tree grates are made in the USA and contain a minimum of 85% recycled materials. Hundreds of tons per day of waste ferrous materials, including old car parts, appliances, and obsolete farm equipment are recycled to produce castings for your infrastructure.

Identify and Customize - Customize your grates with the name of your municipality, corporation, or development. Add your motto, logo, or insignia to further strengthen your identity. Custom sizes, sub-grade lighting, tree guards, and matching ADA trench grates are just a few of the options available. We can help you design a tree grate that will be uniquely yours.

ADA Compliant - EJ has numerous tree grates and trench grates designed to comply with ADA standards. The guidelines specify that grating located in pedestrian walkways shall not allow passage of a sphere more than 1/2” (13mm) in diameter. Additionally, if grating has elongated openings, the long dimension is to be perpendicular to the dominant direction of travel.

tree-grate-expandableExpandable Tree Openings

Remove or replace the center ring as your tree grows. Plan ahead and your streetscape will remain beautiful for decades!

The removable center rings are a convenient way to adjust (expand) the tree grate opening diameter as the tree trunk grows in width. As you plan ahead for planting and tree pit maintenance of the streetscape, order your grate with one or more of the optional rings. Later, you may remove or swap out a ring to increase the opening size during a higher growth phase as the tree matures. 

Another situation for which the rings are beneficial is when changing out an older growth tree. If you need to remove an existing tree and re-plant with another, insert a ring to the grate so that the opening is a more appropriate fit for your new tree. Over time, as the young tree grows, remove the ring to expand the opening diameter again when needed.

Tree Watering Grates

Complement your Green Infrastructure project with products by EJ.

Tree watering grates along curb lines allow road runoff to be directed to tree pits. The water is then distributed to street trees through underground watering systems. This approach provides water to the tree, reduces watering costs for cities, and allows filtering of pollutants. This method takes advantage of the natural ability of trees to absorb and filter stormwater and reduces the threat of CSOs (combined sewer overflows) to water bodies. Tree watering grates can be used in combination with tree grates to promote healthy street tree growth.

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