Engineered to keep manhole covers flush with the pavement

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The SELFLEVEL Access Assembly is a highly engineered infrastructure solution. Unlike traditional manhole units, its unique design allows for a range of movement that keeps the SELFLEVEL access assembly perfectly aligned with the finished road surface. This unit works for both retro fit and new installations.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty
  • Upper frame is supported by road surface
  • Unit stays level with the road surface, even when road heaves due to extreme temperature changes
  • Up to 5° tip angle for top frame
  • Proof load exceeds AASHTO M 306 standards
  • Frame fits with existing manhole covers


  • Special lettered covers
  • Custom logo covers
  • ERGO® SELFLEVEL assembly
  • Transitional frame (square base to round top)
  • EON LOCK® bolting
  • Cam lock
  • Neoprene gasket for cover
  • Watertight*
  • INFRA-RISER® adjustment riser
  • Multiple frame openings and heights available

*Bolted assembly required.

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