Riser Rings


Lleve las cubiertas y rejillas a la calidad final con marcos existentes

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Riser rings are an adjustable solution to bring a manhole or catch basin to grade on your resurfacing projects. They are used in conjunction with a frame to increase its overall height. A typical application would be during pavement overlays.

Avoid unnecessary project costs by eliminating extra labor, equipment and materials. There are reduced traffic disruptions—when the street is paved the job is done and the manhole cover is finished to grade.

  • Solid or adjustable styles
  • Steel and cast iron risers available to fit all your grade adjustments
  • Load tested to ensure dependable strength and long lasting durability
  • Large inventory ready for delivery nationwide
  • Made to order sizes for custom application
  • Sloped risers available
  • DOT approved in many states
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