Composite Manhole Covers and Frames


Composite Access Products are Strong, Non-Conductive and Lightweight


EJ has developed a full line of composite cover and frame infrastructure products, designed for utility and municipal applications, that complements our broad range of access solutions. Composite manhole covers and frames offer exceptional performance in the most challenging environments. You'll find strength and resilience in our composite access solutions for both pedestrian/off-street use and roadway applications. These composite access solutions are built to be extremely rugged, offer lighter handling, reliable performance, and greater safety for pedestrians and workers.

EJ Composite Access Assemblies are available for medium to heavy duty applications. Select the composite manhole cover and frame that fits your application.


Medium Duty Off-Street Applications


The DUROWALK Access Assembly is designed for pedestrian areas and other off-street applications such as raised manholes. The medium duty frame and cover offers easy operation, a five year warranty, UV resistance, and is gray to blend in with sidewalks. It has been optimized as a basic, low cost solution while still offering the benefits of composites you expect.

Standard Features:

  • Medium duty rated
  • Superior wear and abrasion
  • Color: gray
  • Security: wormgear lock, penta head composite bolt with lift capability
  • UV resistant
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • AMR Attachments
  • Lettering


Heavy Duty Roadway Applications


Now called the DUROSTREET Access Assembly, the robust design of our original product line is optimized for strength and durability for roadway applications where heavy duty (H25) load ratings are required. It offers 316 stainless steel hardware, corrosion resistance in sewer applications, and integral dampeners around the perimeter of the frame and cover to help with shock absorption from impact in heavy traffic applications. While the name is new, the product is the same advanced, easy to use solution you've come to expect for over 20 years.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy duty (H25)
  • Excellent fatigue life–2 million cycles at
    16,000 pounds of load
  • Superior wear and abrasion per ASTM
  • Cover dampener and frame dampener
  • Color: black
  • Pick bar made of 316 stainless steel
  • Quarter turn paddle lock with penta head
    made of 316 stainless steel
  • UV resistant to ASTM G154-16 testing
    standard, Cycle 1 for 1600 hours
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • Special lettering
  • Custom logos
  • Additional security locking
  • Custom shapes: square or rectangular
  • Custom diameters to fit existing frames
  • Flame retardant resin
  • AMR attachments
  • Heat transfer protection

Benefits of Composite Access Solutions


Durability - Our covers incorporate engineered fabric with glass fiber reinforcement. The length of glass fibers span the entire width of the cover, giving added durability to withstand millions of load cycles. The continuous or long fibers provide a consistent superior strength and product durability over other traditional methods that use short fibers.

As a specialist manufacturer working to very specific standards in a highly regulated industry, we have built up years of tradecraft and know-how when it comes to producing composite products. Our composite teams are committed to designing, producing and supplying composites to the highest industry standards.

Ergonomically Friendly - Heavy duty composite covers weigh between 30 lbs (22" clear opening) and 82 lbs (36" clear opening). For areas that are frequently accessed, the reduced weight improves the ease of access and increases overall worker safety. Lighter weight versions are available for off-street applications.

Theft Deterrent - The scrap value of traditional manhole covers make them an easy target for theft. Missing manhole covers cause a real hazard for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Since composite covers have no scrap value, they are less likely to be stolen. Additional locking options are available for added security purposes.


Non-Conductive - Composite products do not conduct electricity, which makes them a safe choice for electrical utilities and municipalities that may have stray voltage concerns. Furthermore, when the product is placed over  steam manholes, heat transfer is reduced. This provides additional insulating protection to pedestrians and utility workers.

Non-Corrosive - Sewer, storm, and wastewater environments can be highly corrosive. By its inherent nature, composite products will remain unchanged even in the most aggressive environments. This can apply to areas with exposure to sewer, petrochemical, gasoline, diesel, de-icing solutions, and salt water.

No Signal Interference - Composite covers are constructed of advanced fiberglass reinforced plastic materials that offer little interference with the wireless communication signals. This is typically used in applications associated with water metering automation or electrical switching for smart grid technology.

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