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The Prince Charles Hospital

A Right Royal Makeover


Since opening in 1954 as ‘The Brisbane Chest Hospital’ for the treatment of tuberculosis, the hospital was renamed in honour of HRH Prince Charles in 1974. Today, it is a leading Queensland State Government hospital and it specialises in heart (cardiac) surgery and in 2007, the hospital’s specialties expanded, adding general medical and general surgical services, including a general adult emergency medicine service to enhance the strong cardio-thoracic focus. The major facility is largely unrecognizable these days with new building additions, façade upgrades, multi-story car parks and a whole new private hospital, the Holy Spirit Northside, constructed on the Rode Road entrance to the site. Thankfully, EJ has been a preferred supplier to The Prince Charles Hospital for the last 30 years.

"It might seem ironic that a hospital's infrastructure can become sick and decayed over time, but with EJ, there's always a remedy, even a cure." Simon Bottomley, General Manager, EJ in Australia

AP2Constant maintenance of its infrastructure has been a key priority. Whilst EJ products have been installed on many of the newer buildings and facilities, EJ products have replaced and upgraded aging and decaying infrastructure. Many of these recent upgrades have included purpose built trench covers to protect oxygen lines and other important networks within the hospital’s buildings. One specific upgrade featured a 1200mm wide unit replacing heavy precast covers near Palliative Care and an upcoming project is awaiting the replacement of covers at the emergency helicopter landing site.

EJ has the Ultimate Cure

Being a hospital project, products selected are the best suitable for emergency vehicle heavy wheel loads on the hospital grounds’ roads and for mounting kerbs. The EJ hospital product range is rated to Australian Standard AS3996, and includes HEELPROOFTM grates and Grade 316 Marine Grade stainless steel grates for plant rooms, general wards, bathrooms and operating theatres. Our heavy-duty products are designed and cast to pass load testing from a 240x240mm test block as noted on the cover itself. EJ covers are designed to be non-rocking in their frame, with precision machined drawcut and undercut matching profiles. In addition, our frames are designed to lock and anchor the covers into the surrounding concrete structures and will deliver decades of reliable performance. They also feature Australian Standard, non-rotating lifting keyholes for safe opening and removal, using industry standard keys. Trench covers are used to form long access to underground networks such as oxygen, data, electricity, gas and fuel. A trench cover system allows for coverage and transportation over the top of the trench structure but quick access to the underground network as required. Cast in ductile iron (SG Iron) to Grade 500/7 (AS1831), EJ covers are available as concrete infill or non-slip solid-top designs. They can even be enhanced with custom insignias, logos and badging to identify entity branding or the type of service within.

EJ Dedicated 'airports & ports' team for asia pacific:

Our dedicated sales team is available throughout Australia and the Pacific region to assist local authorities, consultants and contractors during the specification, construction and operation phases. We are proud of our 135 years of experience and expertise across the ever-growing sector. EJ offers an extensive range of globally manufactured product to meet the unique demands of complex construction projects.



The Prince Charles Hospital


Chermside West, Brisbane, Queensland


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