Lift-off for the Class G - Upgrade by EJ

RAAF Base Williamtown - Lift-off for the Class G Upgrade by EJ

The Challenge:

Busy airports that play host to both military and civilian air traffic really take a pounding and it's the infrastructure that must be capable of taking the brunt of the punishment. Williamtown is one such airport. It's also the country's main fighter pilot training base. Right now, the airport is undergoing a $1.5b upgrade to accommodate a new 56 strong F-35 Joint Strike Fighter force, reinforcing the capabilities of the existing FA-18 Hornets squadron. Upgrades to runways and taxiways for heavier aircraft, and lengthening runways for quieter take-offs (a boon for urban neighbours), are also scheduled. And then there's new hangars, maintenance and simulator training facilities to be installed. With EJ being Asia-Pacific's most reliable and trusted supplier of access covers and grates, specifying the most efficient product for this upgrade has been a no-brainer.

The Solution:

Class G equipment is what has been called for here. It began with the specification of 177 metres of ductile cast iron trench grate and frames (TG30G). If heavy rain water needs quick draining, the TG30G is the answer where heavy duty traffic is a constant. In access covers, the story's the same. Class G all the way with concrete infill covers in several sizes and paver infills in two sizes. Plus, three sizes in Class G multi-part covers and frames for service pits.

EJ Dedicated Ports Team for Asia Pacific Region:

Our dedicated Ports Team is available throughout the Asia Pacific region to assist port authorities, consultants and contractors during the specification, construction and operation phases. EJ is proud of its 135 Years of experience and expertise across the ever-growing Airports & Ports sector. EJ offers an extensive range of globally manufactured product that guarantees the highest quality to meet the demands of ports.



Royal Australian Air Force


Williamtown Base,
New South Wales, Australia


TG30G Class G Trench Grate & Frame
A99G Concrete Infill Covers & Frames
A96G Concrete Infill Covers & Frames
A66G Concrete Infill Covers & Frames
A612G Paver Infill Covers & Frames
A912G Paver Infill Covers & Frames
MG1640.1590 Multi-Part Covers and Frames for Service Pits
MG2080.1830 Multi-Part Covers and Frames for Service Pits
MG2820.2220 Multi-Part Covers and Frames for Service Pits

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