Cast Iron Clad Investment In EJ Access Covers & Grates

Port of Brisbane - Iron Clad Investment in EJ Access Covers & Grates

The Challenge

One of the Asia Pacific regions most active sea port container distribution facilities is Port of Brisbane. The bustling movement of massive container straddle carriers and gantry cranes is reason enough to ensure the long term viability of access covers and grates that are integral to the port's infrastructure.

Located at the mouth of the Brisbane River, the Port itself is built on land reclaimed from adjoining Moreton Bay. EJ has been a preferred supplier of these products for the past 20 years. In fact, 15 years ago, EJ supplied 5kms of TG30G trench grate and frame for the then newly established Patricks Wharf complex.

The Solution

The frames and grates were specified by Maunsell engineers and delivered to Auspits for encasement in their precast concrete trenches. The benefit of this process is you're ensured of a quality factory finish and quick and easy installation. The successful installation for the Port of Brisbane project resulted in Port of Botany (Sydney) and Port of Melbourne employing the same techniques. With the ongoing success of these installations, five years on, EJ was again specified for a further 4kms of TG30G. In this instance, York Civil cast then product in-situ both onto the wharf and the container handling areas.

EJ Dedicated Ports Team for Asia Pacific Region

Our dedicated Ports Team is available throughout the Asia Pacific region to assist port authorities, consultants and contractors during the specification, construction and operation phases. EJ is proud of its 135 Years of experience and expertise across the ever-growing Airports & Ports sector. EJ offers an extensive range of globally manufactured product that guarantees the highest quality to meet the demands of port and airport construction projects.


Port of Brisbane


Fishermans Island, Lytton,
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


TG30G trench grate and frame
G44G sump grate and frame
G66G sump grate and frame
G99G sump grate and frame
A66G access cover and frame
A99G access cover and frame
Various sized Class G Multiparts

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