Mount Stromlo Water Treatment PLant (ACT)

Mount Stromlo Water Treatment Plant (ACT) - Trench cover solutions by EJ

Devastation Renovation

The Mount Stromlo Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is located near the Nation’s capital, Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). In January 2003, Canberra was ravaged by a raging inferno of bushfires. The Mt. Stromlo Water Treatment Works and surrounds were gravely damaged, including 300m of chequer-plate covers. Not only did these trench runs carry cables and various pipework, they also played a dual role as a walkway.

Rising from the Ashes

After the horrific firestorms, these chequer-plate covers were found severely buckled from the extreme heat. The site was dangerous for field personnel so the operators called for a new, long-lasting solution for their trench covers.

It was no fluke that EJ ductile cast iron trench covers were specified by the engineering group BECA for the ACT water authority, Icon Water.

Over 700 individual manhole covers were joined to form 21 trench cover sets. In total, these new cast iron covers formed a 375 metre trench.

But this was no walk-in-the park specification. It was a challenging construction and required complex work by EJ Specialist staff who flew from the Brisbane fabrication plant to assess the site, measure trench replacements and the custom corner sections which were to be specifically fabricated.

Additionally, transition covers were custom built to accommodate the trench covers’ change in height, in some sections between load classifications, from light traffic footpath areas to heavier driveway crossovers.

All-Conditions Easy Access

EJ covers are designed to be non-rocking in their frame, with precision machined drawcut and undercut matching profiles. In addition, our frames are designed to lock and anchor the covers into the surrounding concrete structures and will deliver decades of reliable performance. They also feature Australian Standard, non-rotating lifting keyholes for safe lifting and removal, using industry standard lifting keys.

Cast in ductile iron (SG Iron) to Grade 500/7 (AS1831), EJ covers are available as concrete infill or non-slip solid-top designs. They can even be enhanced with custom logos and badging to identify entity branding or type of service identification.


EJ Dedicated 'Infrastructure' Team for Asia Pacific

Our dedicated team is available throughout Australia and the Pacific region to assist local authorities, consultants and contractors during the specification, construction and operation phases. EJ is proud of its 135 years of experience and expertise across the ever-growing infrastructure sector.

EJ offers an extensive range of globally manufactured products that guarantees the highest quality to meet the unique demands of complex infrastructure projects.


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