Heavy Duty Customised Covers & Grates Drop Anchor

Lyttleton Port - Heavy Duty Customised Covers & Grates Drop Anchor

The Challenge:

Lyttleton is New Zealand South Island’s largest ocean gateway for the goods that keep the region flourishing. Being such a significant facility makes it a busy one with heavy duty container cranes talking their toll on the infrastructure. The wisdom of engineers that service and maintain the port’s integrity is evident in their choice
of Asia-Pacific’s most reliable and most reputable brand of access covers and grates – EJ.

The Solution:

"At a trade show in Europe, we discovered the incredible ERMATIC™ covers and frames by EJ made at Picardie in France. The hunt for the right solution was over."
Opus International Consultants
New Zealand

Opus International Consultants New Zealand, working with contractors on the upgrade to the port were briefed to seek out a specific type of access cover. Their extensive global network discovered the innovative ERMATIC™ covers and frames by EJ at a trade show in Europe. They were particularly attracted by the hinged access with its lift-assist functions and initiated dialogue with the EJ team in Australia.
Sizes, specifications and load tests resolved, the ERMATIC™s were then manufactured in the EJ Picardie Foundry in France and delivered direct to the site. In this order, an epoxy coating was applied to the ductile iron components to ensure best performance in the demanding sea port environment.

This project very much demanded a Class G (900kN – AS3996) solution when you consider the heavy machinery in use at such a facility. But ease of access for maintenance teams was a vital ingredient of the brief.

Additional to the access cover brief was the requirement for Class G (900kN – AS3996) trench grates and frames. But these were very specific to this site and the spec required a custom-made solution to be cast as Tee frame rather than the off-the-shelf cellular frame solution. So the 300mm wide clear opening ductile iron grates and frames were also delivered direct to site.

littleton_port_ap_ej_covers_access_solutionslittleton_port_ap_ej_covers_access_solutions_openEJ Dedicated Ports Team for Asia Pacific Region:

Our dedicated Ports Team is available throughout the Asia Pacific region to assist port authorities, consultants and contractors during the specification, construction and operation phases. EJ is proud of its 135 Years of experience and expertise across the ever-growing Airports & Ports sector. EJ offers an extensive range of globally manufactured product that guarantees the highest quality to meet the demands of port and airport construction projects.


Lyttleton Port of Christchurch


Christchurch, New Zealand


ERMATIC™ Hinged Covers

  Epoxy paint coating for marine environments

  ER9S 090 090 Solid Top Cover & Frame

  Ductile Iron Frame

  Ductile Iron Cover

  Class G 900kN – AS3996

  (Hinged hydrant cover available to main cover)

TG30GT Class G Trench Grate & Frame

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