Trappe D'accès SELFLEVEL®

 Trappe D'accès SELFLEVEL®

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The SELFLEVEL® Access Assembly is a highly engineered infrastructure solution. Unlike traditional manhole units, its unique design allows for a range of movement that keeps the SELFLEVEL perfectly aligned with the finished road surface. This unit works for both retrofit and new installations.

selflevel asphalt-installImproved Ride Quality

Once installed, the unit will continue to move with the road surface. The road surface aids in absorption of traffic vibration and shock, further protecting the life of your infrastructure and critical underground structures. SELFLEVEL has a range of motion of up to a 5° tip angle while still moving with the surface. This design helps eliminate frost heave/uplift, manhole structure settling, site deterioration, and pavement cracking. It also provides improved ride quality to meet smooth street initiatives.

The “Floating” Effect

The multi-functional seal helps keep the upper frame centered within the guide frame, which prevents the two pieces from touching. The seal protects against excess debris and material from entering the manhole.

The guide frame facilitates self-centering and keeps the upper frame centered over the manhole structure, and the upper frame is supported by and moves with the surrounding road surface. This allows it to remain level with the road surface. This “floating” effect helps prevent road damage and protects the infrastructure underground by dispersing traffic vibrations and shock throughout the road surface, rather than into the structure below.

selflevel asphalt-newStandard Features

  • Heavy duty
  • Upper frame is supported by road surface
  • Unit stays level with the road surface, even when road heaves due to extreme temperature changes
  • Up to 5° tip angle for top frame
  • Proof load exceeds AASHTO M 306 standards
  • Frame fits with existing manhole covers


  • Special lettered covers
  • Custom logo covers
  • ERGO® SELFLEVEL assembly
  • Transitional frame (square base to round top)
  • EON LOCK® bolting
  • Cam lock
  • Neoprene gasket for cover
  • Watertight*
  • INFRA-RISER® adjustment riser
  • Multiple frame openings and heights available

*Bolted assembly required.

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