Locking Security Option

EON Bolting System

The EON Bolting System incorporates two key features that improve cover and lid performance:

  • As an alternative to a manual and costly drilled-and-tapped bolt hole that can be stripped, damaged, or otherwise made useless, the EON system provides a cast-in solution that holds a variety of nut options. Nuts can be sized to match whatever bolts are used in your existing maintenance system, and can be replaced easily if damaged. This procedure can virtually eliminate drill-and-tap repairs in the field and means that your lids and covers will always be secured.
  • Nuts are held loosely-but-securely in place with patented 'dimples'. The 'dimples' allow secure bolting even when the bolt holes are not perfectly aligned, they help reduce the potential for nut loss, and speed up cover replacement and infrastructure access. Most EJ frames can be ordered with the EON system option, and will work with existing covers—starting with an EON compatible frame gives the option of converting to a bolted cover when needed, without frame replacement.

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