Hinged on Security

5000 Hinged Drainage Grate

Cities like Detroit fight back against covering theft

In major cities like Houston and Detroit, theft of unsecured cast iron and steel infrastructure products has been an ongoing concern. When manhole covers or grates are missing or broken, they create safety hazards for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. EJ worked closely with the city of Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) in 2012 to develop the hinged drainage grate assembly to help solve this issue.

These heavy-duty assemblies are not just hinged, but also incorporate a bolted EON LOCK® design to help limit unauthorized access and theft. They feature a slip-resistant tread design surface and offer several grate options, including an ADA-compliant version. The hinge design allows the cover to open to 100o and features a safety catch at 90o, where it can also be removed.


Optimized Design

Optimized casting design can substantially reduce the weight of historically designed units. The hinged operation is ergonomically preferable to complete grate removal and saves time. Effective locking is achieved with only one bolt (instead of four). Occupational safety and labor costs are reduced for handling, installation and maintenance access.


“We’ve been very pleased with the hinged catch basin units these last six years” said Ken Miller, DWSD Team Leader Sewer Division. “They have greatly helped us achieve cost savings by reducing theft and provide other benefits such as preventing worker fatigue and injury. Our manhole crews love the design."

“The lighter weight means they only have to handle them once during installation,” said Ken. “They like how they hold in an open position and that they don’t require laborious grate removal by two workers. One person can now open them with a hook and remove them. The three flange (vs. the full four flange) works really well because it is easier to install. The back of the casting sits flush up to the curb. Our inventory personnel like the units’ improved stackability in the stock yard as well.”


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