REVOLUTION® Access Assembly

Designed specifically for elevated structures and raised access points

Discover the REVOLUTION access assembly—the perfect solution for elevated structures and raised access points.

Efficient and Easy

The patented design provides cover lift and rotation with minimal effort. Worker safety is improved by eliminating the need to hoist heavy covers when opening or closing the elevated unit. The cover rotates in either direction on a cast-in stainless steel rod that ensures it remains attached to the frame. No special tools are required to open and close. The surface of the cover extends slightly past the edge of the frame, and the neoprene gasket helps seal the unit against water infiltration. A watertight seal can be achieved with the four bolt design.

revolution-blackStandard Features

  • Non-traffic rated
  • Lightweight cover—easy to open, no lifting required, and takes only one person to operate
  • Stainless steel rod cast in cover
  • Water resistant — cover overlaps frame
  • A 1/4" round neoprene gasket is secured to prevent roll out and provides odor control
  • 5" frame height


  • Special lettering
  • Watertight
  • Integrated hole for optional padlock
  • EON LOCK® bolting
  • Security bolting

Important Safety Information
Securely bolt the frame to manhole cone on 29 3/4" bolt circle
Do not subject cover to any load when in open position
Do not install in areas of vehicular traffic

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