Security Features

 Security Features

Manage Access to Critical Infrastructure

Available Security Features

Slam Lock

No security feature is effective if it fails to lock. The EJ slam lock engages automatically when grates are closed—operators simply cannot fail or forget to secure the access points protecting underground infrastructure. Grates, once closed, will not rattle, open or come undone. For those who know where to insert the proper tool, slam locks are easy to disengage so the grates can be opened quickly without keys or undoing bolts. The insertion point is not obvious to most observers, make it difficult to be opened casually by vandals or unauthorized individuals.

Cam Lock

Choosing the cam lock system in frame and cover assemblies eliminates rattling and looseness when in the closed position and offers several levels of security, depending upon specific needs. In all cases, there are no few removable parts to be lost or misplaced, and the cam lock is easily opened and locked with a standard or custom tool, or key.

Security Key Locks

Cam locks with the security key design are the most tamper-proof covers offered by EJ. These systems combine the simple, durable, and robust cam lock with a keyed opening solution that defeats tampering attempts.

Captive Hinge

The patented captive hinge design can be implemented before or after installation. Once the theft-resistant hinge pin is installed, the hinged cover is permanently secured to the frame, making cover theft extremely difficult.

Security Bolting Options

EJ offers three levels of cover bolting security:

  • Hexagonal Bolts - This standard bolting system secures covers and grates with standard hexagonal bolts.
  • Pentagon Shaped Head Bolts - Covers secured with pentagon shaped head bolts are easy to open and maintain by maintenance staff. Pentagon shaped head bolts offer security and resist casual tampering and vandalism.
  • Tamper Proof Bolts - The tamper proof bolt head cannot be turned by commonly available tools. Since these unique tools must be specially ordered, covers and grates secured with tamper proof bolts resist determined removal efforts by unauthorized individuals.

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