Pick Options

 Pick Options

For Lifting and Removing Covers

In addition to standard cover picks (or pick bars)—like those found on most manhole lids and hatch covers—EJ offers two additional pick bar options.


The MPIC Multi Tool Pick Bar is designed to work with any common picking tool or J-hook, and is heavier duty than standard pick options.


The EPIC Pick Bar works with a J-Hook and similar tools. It improves leverage and stability when lifting covers, and is also a ‘closed hole’ design that discourages tampering and extends lid life. Unlike other closed pick hole designs, the EPIC Pick Bar automatically cleans itself out as part of the lifting procedure. This patented feature creates a pick bar that substantially reduces clogging and ensures easy opening every time. The EPIC is cast in place and will last for the life of the cover. This option is one of our most popular and is available on most EJ cover series.

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