Retrofit Top Mount Aluminum Access Hatches

 Retrofit Top Mount Aluminum Access Hatches

Does your municipality or water system have a dangerous hatch that needs to be replaced?


Upgrade to a safer, custom designed retrofit hatch that perfectly fits your application needs! Our top mount hatch design ensures a quick changeover.


  • Durable and built to last—while making access, inspection, and maintenance easy
  • Easily installed over existing framework in minimal time (just remove the old cover and hinges)
  • Pull arms position the operator so they are pulling away from the pit opening grate
  • The only dimensions required are clear opening, length, and width
    • Standard size openings require minimum engineering time


  • Available for pedestrian applications or unintended vehicular traffic situations
  • Engineered to meet load requirements and ADA standards
  • SAFE HATCH® Safety Grate System, protect workers and the public by providing fall through protection and a visual barrier around the pit
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Stainless steel lift spring for ease of opening cover


Made in the USA

EJ fabricated products are made and assembled in the USA at one of our facilities in New York, Utah, or Ohio. Please contact your Sales Representative for American Iron and Steel (AIS) or Buy America requirements prior to ordering. Material certifications are available by request per project.

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Have a problem hatch that needs to be replaced? Contact our team to have us custom design a solution to your exact specifications. Looking for a larger custom fabricated utility vault solution? Check out our range of Custom Fabricated Vault Solutions

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