Valve Boxes, Covers, and Risers

Valve access solutions

Our superior wall thickness, combined with the most advanced manufacturing in the industry, mean high strength valve boxes that properly fit together. They are available in a screw or slip type design, and feature a variety of sizes to adjust to your specific depth of cover requirements. Valve box lids are available with special lettering and logos, locking lids, or extra deep covers for high traffic areas. Valve box risers are also available for resurfacing projects.

SELFLEVEL_valve_box_riser_onepage_downloadThe slip type has interchangeable pieces that allow for overall height adjustment with parts sliding past each other, while the screw type has interchangeable pieces that allow for overall height adjustment with parts threaded into each other.

Valve boxes allow access to operate underground valves, and can be used as a cleanout or inspection point for underground systems. They are comprised of Class 35B gray iron, and meet Buy America standards. Valve boxes are available as either an assembly or set.

SELFLEVEL® Valve Box Riser

Increase driveability and extend road life with SELFLEVEL valve box risers in your community. Designed to smoothen the road surface, prolong asphalt life by reducing cracking, and reduce snow plow damage, the SELFLEVEL valve box riser is supported by and moves with the surrounding road surface. The valve box riser stays level with the road surface, even when the road heaves due to extreme temperature changes or settling of the pavement. Pavement around the valve box stays smooth for years to come.

concrete-valve-boxProduct Details

  • Accommodate 4" through 20" valves
  • Natural gray iron or water-based asphaltic coating
  • Covers with special lettering and custom logos
  • Locking lids
  • Valve box risers—raise valve box lid to adapt to a new grade
  • Made in the USA

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