INFRA-RISER® Adjustment Riser

 INFRA-RISER® Adjustment Riser

Engineered to adjust manhole covers and catch basins to grade

The INFRA-RISER® multi-purpose rubber composite adjustment riser by EJ is engineered to adjust manhole covers and catch basins to grade. It’s a simple, economic, and long-lasting solution that separates the surfaces, preventing  water infiltration and traffic vibration damage to concrete and masonry structures, thus extending their lifetime.


The INFRA-RISER adjustment riser can be used for new installations, resurfacing projects, or rehabilitation work and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Beneath the surface, the INFRA-RISER adjustment riser reduces traffic vibration and road stress that can cause permanent damage to the infrastructure. It also uniformly distributes traffic loads over the entire supporting structure.

infrariser-installMaintain the integrity of your infrastructure - The INFRA-RISER rubber composite adjustment riser is a simple, economic, efficient, and long-lasting solution for manhole structure damage—it dissipates the energy transferred between the casting and the manhole structure and reduces traffic vibration damage. Since the surfaces are separated by the adjustment riser, the friction/stress component is drastically reduced. These two elements then work together, rather than against each other, to help maintain the integrity of the infrastructure support system. 

Maximize performance and extend lifetime - INFRA-RISER products are the ideal tool for Departments of Transportation and municipalities seeking to maximize the performance and extend the lifetime of infrastructures, while achieving significant cost savings. 

Tight seal reduces water infiltration - When installed according to guidelines, these adjustment risers help prevent the flow of water infiltration. They create a virtual tight seal between the manhole chimney structure and the manhole or catch basin frame.

Compression properties is the key - Due to the compression properties of the rubber composite adjustment riser, traffic loads are more uniformly distributed over the entire supporting structure, rather than concentrated in specific, high-stress areas.

infrariser-laying downProduct Details

  • Variety of shapes (round, square and rectangular) and sizes (Matching Flange Width: 3", 4", 5", 6") (Length: 12" – 60") (Standard thickness: 1/2", 1", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3"), flat and tapered risers, select bolt hole patterns
  • Tough rubber composite (recycled rubber tires, fortifying additives and urethane binders)
  • Appropriate for new installations, resurfacing projects or rehabilitation work
  • Tensile strength: 145 (min) - 304 psi per ASTM D412-06
  • Durometer hardness: Molded surfaces 77A ± 5, ASTM D2240-05

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