Hinged Grate Assembly with Slam Lock

 Hinged Grate Assembly with Slam Lock

Designed for easy access and maximum drainage

The heavy duty Hinged Grate Assembly works great for drainage inlets that require a higher level of security than a stand alone frame and grate.

Safety and Security

The heavy duty ductile iron frame and hinged grate, a part of the 5624 series, is typically installed in high traffic areas. The slam lock closure feature prevents the grate from opening inadvertently and conceals the lock from unauthorized access. Self wedge seating allows traffic to push the grate into the frame—preventing the grate from rocking. The lightweight grate opens to 115° and removes at 90°. With minimal rest points, there are fewer contact points around the frame, which helps reduce noise and movement.

hinged grate-openStandard Features

  • Heavy duty
  • Square grate 290 sq. in. open area
  • Ductile iron frame and grate meet
  • ASTM A 536 requirements
  • Lightweight grate opens to 115° and removes at 90°
  • Self wedging grate seating
  • Slam lock (locking feature)


  • 3 flange (including left and right hand variations) and 4 flange frames available
  • Special lettering

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