Custom Modular Solutions

 Custom fabricated and ERMATIC modular solutions installed

Modern access solutions for large underground vaults

Large utility vaults call for a highly engineered custom modular solution. We offer multiple frame/cover solutions that range from pedestrian to airport rated for a wide variety of underground services. With every unique customer project/application, we design and build a specific product customized to fit any underground vault dimension or cover configuration.

With such a diverse range, there is a solution available for all applications. Specifiers, contractors and end users choose custom modular solutions by EJ because they are reliable, durable, and serviced by the most professional technical support teams. These products leverage the global engineering and design experience within EJ to enhance ergonomic design and security.

  • Vast range of sizes and cover options
  • Available in a variety of material types based on application including cast iron, aluminum, steel, composite or a combination
  • Ergonomic options for ease of opening
  • Safety grates available
  • Recessed covers available for block paver infill
  • Options for large clear openings such as removable I-beams

Solutions for your Application

Custom modular solutions are available in custom fabricated (for pedestrian and unintended vehicular traffic) or heavy duty solutions.
Learn more about each option below.

Custom Fabricated Solutions
Unintended Vehicular Traffic Loads

  • Up to 10' x 10'
  • Pedestrian to unintended vehicular traffic rated
  • Made in the USA
Custom Fabricated large vault cover in sidewalk with man walking over

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ERMATIC® Custom Modular Solutions
Heavy Duty Loads

  • Larger vaults or ducts to any length
  • Heavier load ratings for traffic and airports, ports, etc.
  • Made in France
ERMATIC custom modular vault cover installed at airport

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Design a Custom Solution

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