A New Kind of Landmark

Black Sunray rectangular EJ Tree grate in downtown Escondido California with picnic tables and brick walkway

Tree Grates add Versatility to Escondido Festival Street


Escondido, CA is a city in San Diego County's North County region. It is 30 miles northeast of downtown San Diego, and just a short 15 miles from the ocean. With a beautiful year-round climate, there are many attractions such as the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Stone Brewing World Bistro, and the California Center for the Arts. The community also features a wilderness preserve with extensive hiking trails.

In 2012, the city created a pedestrian plaza, coined “Maple Street Plaza.” The Maple Street Plaza provides a unique link between the central attractions of downtown Escondido, California. The space was designed by the Schmidt Design Group of San Diego.

To make the environment more aesthetically pleasing and provide much-needed shade for pedestrians, trees were incorporated in the design. ADA-compliant tree grates were also incorporated to allow healthy tree growth by reducing soil compaction and allowing free circulation of air and water.


Intercity Trails & Parks Bring Communities Together

To harmonize with its historic tiles, decorative mosaics and distinctive LED lighting, the space features Sunray grates from EJ. Durable and functional, they help earn LEED® credits for recycled content. Tree grates blend artistic form with function to protect tree roots, manage storm water, and maintain neat, orderly, and safe sidewalks. The tree grates are made in the USA and contain a minimum of 85% recycled materials.

“The team wanted a price competitive product that was made in the United States,” says Stephen Lash of California Site Amenities. “We found a cost-effective product made at EJ in Michigan. And because it was shipped by train, it was more environmentally friendly.”

Tree grates by EJ are available with optional center rings to allow adjustment of grate opening, light ports and security bolting. They are available in sizes up to 5 x 10 feet.


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