Ultra™ Specification


Ultra products fully comply with the Highways Agency note HA 104/02, which forms part of 'Design Manual for Roads & Bridges (DMRB) (Volume 4, Section 2, Part 5) which came into force in August 2002. D.M.R.B. vol 4, sec 2 prt 5.

Ultra products feature AMP's (anti-movement pockets), a patented design which gives maximum opportunity for the frame to key with suitable bedding/fixing material, helping to prevent lateral movement in any direction.

Ultra products fully comply with BS 7903:1997. Crucially many recommendations of BS 7903 have been incorporated within HA104/02.

Ultra products fully comply with BS EN124:1994. Additionally Ultra products are manufactured to achieve a safety test of +10% over BS EN124 ultimate test loads.

Ultra products are B.S.I Kitemarked certificated to guarantee third party assurance of quality.