'The premature failure of chamber top and gully top installations has been shown to be a major contributory factor to the annual maintenance budget of UK roads.'            Highways Agency HA 104/02

Highway Advice Note HA 104/02 sets out procedures and defines materials which will provide the best possible performance of a road chamber top and gully top installations in trunk roads and motorways. Its recommendations may be applied to other roads and traffic conditions, as appropriate.

All advice specified in this document supersedes advice given in the Preffered Method 7, and complements all relevant guidance and standards provided in the manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works (MCHW) and (DMRB).

Put simply this means that any specifier, contractor or body executing maintenance or remedial work, or any contractor or body executing work to build, modify or extend a highway should follow the guidelines laid down in the new Highways Advice Note.

All Ultra products meet the requirements of HA 104/02.