BS 7903


BS 7903 is a British Standards Institute guide to the selection and use of gully gratings and access covers for installation with the highway. This is a particularly important standard, which is relevant to the performance required of a cover and a grating.

" This standard is not a substitute for BS EN124."

" Although BS EN124 purports to be a performance standard, it is not yet comprehensive enough in its requirements for product performance. It also incorporates certain minimum dimensional requirements which, being minimum, may not necessarily ensure that the product is fit for its purpose in all traffic conditions."

Taken from the British Standards Institute BS 7903:1997.

Access covers & gully gratings are advised under the BS7903 recommendations to have a depth of insertion (depth of cover/grating immediately adjacent to the frame) of not less than 80mm. Under traffic conditions this increases the cover/grating security within the frame. The standard also recommends the solid bedding width of frames shall be no less than 75mm all around, which gives improved frame bedding for longer and safer performance.

Additionally, gully gratings under BS7903 improvements denote units are manufactured with a much larger waterway than specified in BS EN124 and therefore offer significantly improved drainage of surface water.