BS EN 124: 2015 Clarification
Do you know where you stand with the new BS EN 124:2015...


EJ, as a leading manufacturer and distributor of infrastructure access solutions around the world has been involved in the CEN European Standards working group (WG4) along with other manufacturers that are responsible for the drafting and publication of EN product standards related to manhole covers/ gully gratings and frames.

This guidance aims to clarify the current status of BS EN124:2015. 

  • The creation of the BS EN124:2015 Standard was (and still is) fraught with problems. Due to this, the BS EN124:2015 Standard has not been harmonised by the European Commission and therefore is currently voluntary.
  • It is therefore not mandatory from March 2017 that BS EN124:2015 is used in preference to BS EN124:1994.
  • Continuing specification of BS EN124:1994 is entirely legal until harmonisation occurs. When or even if this situation will change is currently unclear.
  • Should the 2015 Standard be harmonised, there will be a circa 18 month co-existence period prior to the final withdrawal of the 1994 Standard.
  • BSI will be continuing to offer the Kitemark scheme to the existing BS EN124:1994 Standard beyond the transition date of March 2017 and for the foreseeable future. 
To this end, we confirm that all EJ/Peter Savage products currently in the market which are manufactured to the BS EN124:1994 Standard are entirely legal for manufacture, distribution and installation after the quoted transition date of March 2017.
EJ will be continuing to work closely with National Standards bodies to transition ranges of our products to the BS EN124:2015 Standard in the UK and across Europe. 
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