Peter Savage solves the problem at Town Park SPS for South West Water
img_0099.jpgIn February 2015, Kier Construction contacted us on behalf of Sout West Water with a problem that needed solving on a "Private Pumping Station". This project coincided with the launch of our new PS1700/1750 Shallow frame spring assist cover.

Peter Savage Limited has been providing high quality access and drainage solutions throughout its 40 years to a wide range of industries and has built a reputation of being flexible whilst being able to offer complex products to suit site specific requirements.

In February 2015, Kier construction contacted us on behalf of South West Water with a conundrum. Kier/SWW had a list of requirements that needed to be met; they required a twin bookend hinged cover alongside a larger single hinged cover. The twin bookend hinged cover was required to allow for easy access to a ladder into the chamber, whereas the larger single cover was required to cover a screen below and needed to be large enough to be able to gain full access to it if needed. The main constraint was that a shallow framed product was needed to take account of a reduced rebate size.

This project coincided with the Peter Savage Ltd launch of its new 1700 / 1750 series shallow frame (36/86mm Deep) spring assisted range for use by Utilities in the adoption of “Private Pumping Station” which are generally located in challenging application.

Both the twin bookend hinged cover and single hinged cover required fall arrest safety grids and automatic safety stay bars to meet with health and safety requirements. All of these options were required alongside a torsion spring assisted lift in a shallow depth frame.

With Peter Savage having the UK’s Largest Range of Access Covers & Drainage Gratings we were able to call on the new PS1700/1750 Shallow Spring Assisted product range to solve the problem and meet the contractors’ needs. With such a complex cover design it required all departments to work together from sales, design, production, through to delivery.

A site survey was carried out to ensure all requirements were accounted for and that the customer was fully aware and satisfied with the product they would be receiving. With the total specification established and agreed, AutoCAD & Autodesk Inventor drawings were created for approval. 

The cover was manufactured at our fabrication shop within 5 weeks and was delivered to Kier construction a week later for installation. 

Ongoing communication with the customer as well as teamwork and dedication from Peter Savage Ltd, allowed Peter Savage Ltd to provide a first time solution for Kier and South West Water. This all party engagement captured all relevant requirements to meet the site operation needs. Peter Savage Limited is proud to be involved in such a project, and offer free site visits for surveys / solution providing and AutoCAD drawings for approval. We welcome any enquiries you may have. 

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