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drain_cover_D400_hinged.jpg KD50DNN


100 & 150mm Deep- Heavy Duty Ductile Iron, Hinged Gully Gratings & Frames
Usage: Group 4 Carriageways & Main Roads for Fast Moving Traffic


  • Manufactured to BS EN124 Class D400
  • Kitemarked for third party assurance of quality.
  • Ultra products highlighted on this page comply with Design manual for roads & bridges Vol 4, Section 2, part 5. HA104/02
  • Ultra products additionally conform to BS 7903
  • Suitable for carriageway & fast moving traffic.
  • (A.M.P.'s) Anti-movement technology.
  • 80mm depth of cover insertion into frames.
  • 75mm solid bedding width.
  • 40 Tonne Safe Test Load
  • 3 flanged products are for group 3 areas.
  • Works safety tested to 44Tonnes =+10%
  • Non rock captive reversible side hinge for increased stability & silent operation.
  • Pedestrianised design on KD50DP & KD51DP products- pushchair/trolley and cycle friendly.
  • Ductile iron for improved weight to strength ratio.
  • Black coated finish.

See ancillary and optional extras for details and specifications 

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Product Code Clear Opening Size 
Ultra Specification  
KD50DNN 400x440mm 
KD50D6N  400x440mm 
KD52D6N  500x350mm 
KD56D 400x440mm