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ChamberMATE© recessed cover




The majority of properties built since the 80's have PPIC's installed at strategic points along a drainage system to enable inspection / rodding. PPIC's consist of a base and a number of 'raisers' dependant on the depth of the underground pipes.


  • Pedestrian, Driveway & Medium Duty Covers as specified
  • Products suit 450mm & 300mm diameter chambers as detailed
  • Plastic, steel & iron products available
  • Revolve – square to round covers
  • ChamberMATE© – recessed cover for turf, bark & gravel infill etc


  • See ancillary and optional extras for details and specifications 

Download PDF for specifications>

Product Code Details

E10ACP 38mm deep, iron cover, plastic frame, single seal - A15
E10ACPL 31mm deep, as E10ACP but locked as standard - A15
E10ADS 43mm deep, iron cover & frame, double seal - A15
E10APL 30mm deep, plastic cover & frame, single seal - 3.5kN Driveway
CM-450C Recessed cover for turf, bark & gravel infill
KD31 25mm deep, iron cover & frame, single seal - B125 Driveway 
KD31L As KD31 but locked as standard