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The Phoenix™ Gully Grating helps reduce roadside theft, replacement costs and associated claims. 

The average cost for a Local Authority to replace a standard grating is approximately £300-£350, this excludes the cost of any traffic management which could raise the cost to circa £1500-£2000 and would result in traffic disruption.
The Peter Savage Limited patented Phoenix™ Grate has an integral renewable Phoenix cassette grating which if stolen can easily be replaced. Furthermore if the Phoenix cassette is stolen the reduced aperture compared with a standard grating means less chance of vehicle damage and associated claims.


  • Phoenix™ Cassette replacement time approx 15 minutes compared with 2-3 hours for standard grating replacements.
  • Low weight Phoenix™ Cassette grate reduces theft value
  • Integral grating is secured with captive hinges and a discreet spring-bar lock.
  • Aperture designed to suit Gully Sucker Vehicles
  • UK PATT APP 0907964.9 
  • See ancillary and optional extras for details and specifications 

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Product Code
Ultra Specification  
KD50PX 450 x 450mm Over Frame Grate
Phoenix grate Gully Sucker Grating
Cassette  Integral grating