Flashes of Lighting as EJ Storms into Tindal

Tindal RAAF Base

The Hornet's Retreat

RAAF Base Tindal on the outskirts of Katherine in the Northern Territory was originally built during World War II and upgraded in the late 60s as a “bare base” or standby base. But now, its status is now one of Australia’s key strategic defence sites.

Tindal has just concluded a $470 million spruce up for the arrival of 58 new F-35A Lightning II aircraft, a fifth generation fighting machine at the forefront of air combat technology and effectiveness, and about to replace the ageing F/A 18A Hornets.

"Not only are we leading the way in Asia Pacific, EJ is the preferred choice in airports and ports worldwide" -Simon Bottomley, General Manager EJ in Australia

EJ Plays its Part

In terms of expertise in airport in-ground infrastructure, few are as qualified as EJ. Across Australia, we are well represented in provision of manhole access covers and grates for bases at Amberley QLD, Williamtown NSW, Edinburgh SA, Richmond NSW and the Army Aviation Centre at Oakey QLD. Worldwide, EJ products feature in air defence locations across North America and Europe.

As with any airport, key consideration is given to heavy wheel loads, which demand the installation of the most robust products, and this is where EJ shines, with products rated to Australian Standard AS3996, Class G 900kN (to 90 tonnes loading), fully tested accordingly. EJ machined covers are non-rocking in their frames with precision machined drawcut and undercut matching profiles. In addition, our cellular frames are designed to lock and anchor the product into the surround concrete structures for decades of dedicated performance. Our covers feature Australian Standard, non-rotating lifting keyholes for safe opening with industry standard lifting keys.

Cast in Ductile Iron (SG Iron) to Grade 500/7 (AS1831), covers are available in concrete infill style or non-slip solid top designs and can be forged with custom logos and badging to identify entity branding or service identification.


EJ Dedicated 'Airports & Ports' Team for Asia PacificTindal4

Our dedicated Airports and Ports team is available throughout Australia and the Pacific region to assist airport and seaport authorities, consultants and contractors during the specification, construction and operation phases. EJ is proud of its 135 years of experience and expertise across the ever-growing Airports and Ports sector.

EJ offers an extensive range of globally manufactured product that guarantees the highest quality to meet the unique demands of airport and port construction projects.


Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)


Tindal Base, Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia



Class G (900kN AS3996)
(Airport Extra) Heavy Duty
Ductile Cast Iron
Machined Covers and Frames:
•A66G - 600x600mm
•A99G2P - 900x900mm

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