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Port of Townsville

Small Port to Global Competitor

Owned by the Queensland Government, the Port of Townsville is one of the largest in Queensland. Its first shipment docked in 1863. Today, it is the country’s leading exporter of zinc, lead, sugar, fertilizer and molasses, and plays a key role in the sustainability of the North Queensland economy. During the 2016/2017 financial year, Port of Townsville handled nearly $8 billion in trade.  And not only cargo ships, the Port also plays host to the Royal Australian Navy and the US Navy as well as the growing cruise ship industry.

With increasing trade volumes as Northern Australia grows to its full potential, a programme to increase its size and capability has been instigated in order to handle the increasing volumes of commercial shipping, military vessels and cruise ships. The $40.7 million programme ensures the long term future to compete as a truly global port.

With the development of Berth 4, which was previously used for cement imports and general cargo export including live cattle, the capability will allow for an additional 2 million tonnes of product per annum throughout, delivering a 20% increase on current total port tonnage. The redesign focused on better cargo movement by using modern handling equipment and improved intermodal transfer of cargo to road and rail, while maintaining current and future bulk products.

"The Airports & Ports sector can absolutely rely on EJ to deliver very specific requirements on time and on budget." -Simon Bottomley, General Manager EJ in Australia

The Right Manhole For the JobPort of Townsville photo1

To achieve these aims, Berth 4 was extended from 200 to 241 metres and the berth depth was increased to 12.5 metres to allow for larger shipping vessels. Local Townsville company, CivilPlus Constructions Pty Ltd, successfully delivered the Berth 4 project over a two year build. The new specified manhole covers were installed for the delivery of power, water and communications for visiting ships. EJ Hinged Hatch type covers were specified and installed and comfortably accommodate the extra heavy loadings under Australian Standard AS3996; Class G 900kN. These extremely robust covers are designed and cast to bear the 90 tonne weight of container straddle crane wheels. But at the same time, they’re easy to open with a mechanical lift-assist strut that makes it a one-man task.

A generous opening to 105 degrees reveals a self-engaging safety bar and an optional hi-vis safety grate. Choose from a variety of bolt-down arrangements including FOD and high security. Size options: 610mmx610mm, 762mmx762mm, 762mmx1575mm, 915mmx915mm, 915mmx1880mm, 1219mmx1219mm. Soft close of the cover and discover your optional custom badging of brand or network services.

So, the Class G 900kN covers are ultra-tough but simple to open for a single operator.

EJ Dedicated 'Airports & Ports' Team for Asia PacificPort of Townsville photo2

Our dedicated Airports and Ports team is available throughout Australia and the Pacific region to assist airport and seaport authorities, consultants and contractors during the specification, construction and operation phases. EJ is proud of its 135 years of experience and expertise across the ever-growing Airports and Ports sector.

EJ offers an extensive range of globally manufactured product that guarantees the highest quality to meet the unique demands of airport and port construction projects.


Port of Townsville


Queensland, Australia



Class G 900kN

Ductile Cast Iron

15 x Hinged Hatches - Made in the USA

Code: 8196-Double

Clear opening: 762 x 1,575 mm

Our airport rated Hinged Hatch (HH) provides a secure and easy access point to underground utility structures. The standard mechanical strut reduces the lifting force of the cover to less than 23kg.

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