EJ supply airport-project expertise and product range to ANA AEROPORTOS for Lisbon Airport upgrade.

Lisbon Airport (LIS)

To handle the substantial increase in regional tourist numbers, Lisbon Airport took the decision to undergo significant restructuring even though constrained by their city centre location.

The challenge

The primary aim of the project named  "Lisboa – Subsituição da camada de desgaste Pista 0321" was the restructuring of the lighting network of a 3,800 meters runway without disturbing any access points to the electrical network. The installation of a new drainage system was also required.

The project challenge lays in devising and proposing a solution delivering both these aims whilst considering the requirements of the Airport Authority in terms of ease and safe access to their network.

The solution

Working closely with Airport Infrastructure Management, Engineering and Maintenance teams, EJ clearly defned the airport’s needs.

The main contractor overlaid the existing runway, widened taxiways Alpha, Bravo and Charlie and reinforced taxiways Delta, Kilo and Mike. Assisted covers and frames from EJ were installed to decrease labour intensity and provide safe and quick access to the underground networks.

Airfield ground lighting (AGL) Refurbishment

To address the lighting network, F900 Hinged Hatch product range by EJ was a perfect fit.  With extra-large clear openings, mechanical stainless steel struts and safety bars, these covers can be opened by a one man operation quickly. The advanced technical specifications combined with the expertise of EJ provide ANA AEROPORTOS with absolute peace-of-mind and assurance.

EJ also designed a bespoke F900 TI9S100100AVH solution which exactly met the security requirement of the Airport Authority. The product is equipped with a locking mechanism which can only be opened from the underground interior of the service tunnel which goes along the runway. Secure access is enhanced by a special feature on the locking device that is controlled externally by the Airport Police.

Drainage system Upgrade

For efficient drainage of rainwater along the runway, the F900 gratings CA1055FVL by EJ were chosen due to their large waterway capacity. The F900 ductile iron gratings are an exact fit to prevent excess water and debri. 

EJ as a partner: The proven Airport Expertise and Know-how

To ensure airport life continued as normal and to limit disturbance where possible, EJ liaised with a local precaster to optimise the installation of the manhole covers and gratings on prefabricated concrete chambers. By doing so, the constraints and requirements of night work and limited installation times were managed efficiently. 

EJ can offer solutions to the most complex project challenges faced on airport construction sites. 

Expertise and value

EJ as the specified supplier were able to offer cost savings and tangible project value through detailed project management, demonstrating real expertise.

FOD Compliance

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is potentially a very serious safety risk and EJ supplied built-in FOD compliant-key solutions.


From products capable of handling heavy traffic and wheel loads, to safety features like the FOD locking device, safety bars and more, EJ manhole covers and drainage solutions have been engineered with project, client and end-user safety as a priority.

Specified and supplied solutions

TI9S100100 AVH 11 F900 Hinged and assisted double triangular access covers

∙ Extra large clear opening 1000 x1000 mm 

∙ Safety blocking at 90°

∙ Non rock covers

∙ No maintenance mechanical spring struts assistance

 . Suitable for heavy duty application

∙ EN 124 Third party certified


Hinged and assisted ductile iron covers and frame HH9S189091FOD F900

∙ Extra large clear opening 914 x 1883 mm

∙ Safety bar preventing cover from accidental closure

∙ Foreign Object Debris (FOD)-compliant locking device 

∙ No maintenance mechanical spring struts assistance

∙ Suitable for heavy duty application

∙ EN 124 Third party certified


Drainage ductile iron linear grating and frame CA1055FLV F900 NF

∙ Large waterway area capacity 1000 x 450 mm

∙ Suitable for heavy duty application

∙ EN 124 Third party certified


EJ specialists in Airport civil engineering projects.

Our airport solutions experts are based in Madrid, Rome, Berlin, London, Brussels, Lyon, Dublin, Lisbon and Frankfurt. With our technical and products development teams, they are available at all times to provide you with the necessary support to complete the most challenging of projects.
With products installed in over 400 Airports and Military Bases throughout the world, EJ works with Engineering Firms, Airport Authorities and Contractors to satisfy the highest customer expectations.

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