KAIA Airport

King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA)

The challenge

The General Authority of Civil Aviation and Dar Al-Handasah have put their trust in EJ for the specification of the Kerozene network access products, which is the fuel lines’ central point of irrigation that supplies King Abdulaziz Airport’s aircrafts. 112 chambers each 5 meters deep, compose the aircraft parking ramp and must be easily identifiable to ensure the smooth running of the airport.

The solution

Expertise and product capabilities.

Our team is knowledgeable about local standards and cultures and can provide solutions that will satisfy the most demanding customer expectations.

85 number Hinged Hatch units were required in two different chamber openings 914 x 914 mm, F 900 and 1220 x 1220 mm, 900 kN.

36 number ERMATIC® products - ER9S 2140 x 900 mm, 900 kN, composed of two locked covers, hinged and equipped with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel mechanical spring strut (which renders the cover opening effort to lower or equal to 25 kg) were also required on site.

One fabricated steel, flush fit product FF4S120120AVH, capable of taking a 400 kN load and with increased galvanization of 140 microns, manufactured at our fabrication facility located in Ardennes (France) was also supplied for the hydraulic equipment. To ensure the operators’ safety when accessing the chambers, EJ has equipped each product with a guardrail and safety grids that prevent falls.


  • ERMATIC® 900 kN Ductile iron access covers and frames Locked - Hinged - Assisted opening


  • HINGED HATCH F 900 & 900 kN Ductile iron access covers and frames Locked - Hinged - Assisted opening


EJ offered an additional service of customizing the covers with badging that indicates the identity of the network and of the airport (in English and Arabic) which is of major benefit to operators and asset managers.

  • FF4S 400 kN Hot-dip galvanised steel hinged cover and frame Locked - Hinged - Assisted opening


EJ specialists in Airport civil engineering projects.

Our international team, dedicated to the Airport market and supported by technical and product development teams, has coordinated the necessary support for the successful completion of the project.
For a better understanding of the manufacturing and fabrication processes, EJ has invited its customers to visit the Picardie foundry and has accompanied Bureau Veritas during the inspection required for this project.

The expertise of EJ and the commitment of our partner Peak Performance Co., has helped EJ create a customer oriented solution for KAIA Airport.


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