Quattro Ports, Port Kembla Australia Gets the EJ Treatment

Quattro Ports - Port Kembla Australia Gets the EJ Treatment

The Challenge:

Quattro Ports, a leading Australian grain port developer and operator and has just completed construction of a new open access bulk agri-terminal at Port Kembla.
Construction company Eyre International Pty Ltd, sought out the best solution for Quattro Ports introducing a range of Class G Hinged Hatch ductile iron covers by EJ.

The Solution:

"These particular Hinged Hatch Covers from EJ give us ease of access to our underground electrical networks."
Peter Fielder
Consulting Engineer

The specification called for water-tight access covers and frames which require zero maintenance with corrosion protection coatings. The team at EJ in New South Wales consulted with Peter Fielder, Consulting Engineer from Eyre International Cronulla, and with Cindy Hart from Port Kembla who together determined the best solution. These Hinged Hatch Covers enable ease of access to electrical networks, at the same time withstanding the worst of the elements and heavy traffic which this site is subjected to.

EJ Dedicated Ports Team for Asia Pacific Region:

Our dedicated Ports Team is available throughout the Asia-Pacific region to assist port authorities, consultants and contractors during the specification, construction and operation phases.
EJ is proud of its 135 years of experience and expertise across the ever-growing Airports & Ports sector. EJ offers an extensive range of globally manufactured product that guarantees the highest quality to meet the demands of port and airport construction projects.

Quattro Ports_Port Kembla_ej

Quattro Ports_access_hinged_hatchj


Quattro Ports


Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia


8197 Assembly Hinged Hatches

  Ductile Iron Frame

  Ductile Iron Cover

  Class G (900kN) – AS3996

  Ø 900 x 900 mm clear opening

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