Tanger Med II Port

EJ product specified on the busiest cargo port in Africa

The challenge

The challenge facing the Tanger Med II Port Authority was to durably and cost effectively defend the cathodic protection system from water ingress on a sea wall that spans 3000 m with the appropriate manhole covers.

The solution

Three hundred and twenty LSPEB C by EJ access covers were chosen as the most effective product.

This watertight access solution combined with an additional corrosion protection coating results in a zero maintenance requirement.

This EJ solution was selected to enable ease of access to the electrical network whilst withstanding the worst of the elements and high wheel loadings which the site is subjected to.

The product - LSPEB C Manhole Cover

EJ_LSPEB CDuctile Iron Access Cover and Frame D 400 Ø 800 mm clear opening

  • Ductile iron access cover and frame

  • Load test for D400 according to EN124 - NF certified

  • Watertight up to 1 bar thanks to 3 or 6 stainless steel bolts

  • Provided with a cushioning insert fixed to the cover

  • Ø 800 mm clear opening

EJ dedicated Ports team for EMEA region

Our dedicated Ports team are available throughout the EMEA region to assist port authorities, consultants and contractors throughout the specification, construction and operation phases.

EJ’s 40 years of experience and expertise in this sector, unparalleled range and European manufacturing facilities guarantee the high quality and flexibility required to meet the demands of Port construction projects exactly and resulted in success at Tanger Med.

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