ERMATIC® Machined Modular Solution

Engineered for excessive loads and frequent need for access

Worldwide, the ERMATIC® modular range is one of the most adaptable product ranges in the industry. Some of the world’s most prestigious infrastructure projects have selected the ERMATIC® range as their preferred solution: from airports, docks and tunnels to sewage, telecommunications and other utility networks. With such a diverse range there is an ERMATIC® solution available for all your needs. Specifiers, contractors and end users choose the ERMATIC® range by EJ, because it is reliable, durable and serviced by the most professional technical support teams. Thanks to decades of experience our research and collaboration give us the edge in creating the best infrastructure solutions available - solutions that lead the industry, act as best-inclass benchmarks, and satisfy the most demanding customer
EJ will continue to design and manufacture new and innovative solutions to meet tomorrows networks.



ERMATIC® is a comprehensive and highly specifi ed range of
access covers for a wide variety of underground services.
· Sewerage: inspection pits for sludge chambers, access shafts
for large plants, etc.
· Telecommunications: cable jointing chambers, etc.
· Electricity: lighting, signals, transformer pits, cable joint boxes,

In the following environments:
· Airports and ports
· Railways
· Tunnels
· Power stations
· Water treatment and purifi cation plants
· Manufacturing plants
· Industries
· Exhibition centres, leisure parks, stadiums, etc.

ERMATIC® products assure protection against damage, debris
or aggressive chemicals, and allow designers to conceal
underground services, maximising productive use of the
unobstructed surface.
Environment, security, ergonomics, the ERMATIC® range
benefi ts from the advanced technology of EJ :
· aesthetics of the project is enhanced: the covers can be
recessed to receive a similar material to the surround,
· rapid and easy access for maintenance and the network
· security reinforced by the strength and stability of the covers.

Modular construction
The use of modular elements gives a vast range of sizes.
Frame elements (side frames and end plates) are assembled
using bolts and aluminium joints to provide linear openings for
even the longest ducts.

Above clear opening spans of 1200 mm, ERMATIC® units use
removable beams supported in boxes which are fixed to the
frames. This allows the construction of units to suit the largest



ERMATIC® continuous duct covers installation by EJ

ERMATIC® Beamed unit installation by EJ

ERMATIC® Opening and Closing by EJ

ERMATIC® grease application by EJ


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