ICAX Pit Cover

Suffolk One

Suffolk One

Pick Everard


Ipswitch, Suffolk


2800 mm x 1810 mm


Located in Ipswich, Suffolk One is one of the top sixth form colleges in the country, accomodating over 2000 students. The state-of-the-art facility utilises a sustainable ICAX Interseasonal Heat Transfer system, which captures and stores heat in the uses ground source heat pumps to enable natural heating to be provided without burning fossil fuels.

Project Summary

EJ designed and fabricated a multiple upstanding spring-assisted steel access cover for the ICAX pit to allow access to the underground pump infrastructure. The torsion spring-assist mechanism allows for single-person operation of the covers, ensuring it conforms to manual handling requirements. The unit is also fitted with lifting handles, allowing for quick and easy opening and closing of the covers and better ergonomics. For enhanced safety when working over the chamber, 'fall arrest' safety grids were fitted to the frame.
Unique to the 1500 series, all units are haunched for increased water shedding, which along with the polyethylene seal, prevents water from entering the chamber. For security, a shielded hasp and staple locking bar comes standard, preventing unauthorised access to the underground pumping equipment.

image 1 Suffolk One image 2 Suffolk One

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