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6 m x 1 m


EJ was called into assist with the Ermatic® covers, a request was made for some new locking bolts for the cover as there was issues with the current ones installed. One of our engineers investigated the problem and worked alongside the project to ensure a solution was reached.

Project Summary

There had been a large number of complaints surrounding a manhole cover making extremely loud noises when a vehicle drove over it outside of a restaurant and hotel in the North of England. When called into replace with some faulty locking bolts in an Ermatic® cover one of the EJ engineers launched an investigation into what was causing the issues.

Upon investigating, our engineer discovered that the site contained 6 separate frames and was poorly installed. The site required 1 large custom frame, to ensure it was long lasting. In order to correct this EJ designed, manufactured and oversaw the installation process for the new 6 m x 1 m Ermatic® cover.

Once the new Ermatic® was installed, there were no longer any issues and it is now silent, even during heavy traffic.

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