CSO scheme

Queen Alexandra Bridge

Northumbrian Water

Lumsden & Carroll


1680 series

Flush fitting multiple leaf assisted lift access cover & frame

3000 mm x 2000 mm
Case Study


As part of the Queen Alexandra Bridge CSO scheme, specialist contractors Lumsden & Carroll had a requirement within the 15,000 mm diameter CSO chamber for several special access points. Their brief was to produce 6 number 3000x2000 mm access systems which would allow water authority personnel to inspect and maintain their equipment in each of the two CSO’s in a safe and hazard free manner. Security and ‘single person operation’ being crucial features.

Project Summary

The EJ 1680 series multiple leaf assisted lift cover proved to be the solution as its design allows many optional extras to be fitted i.e. removable working platforms and recessed internal padlock points along with standard features like the stainless steel torsion springs and its unique Torkey operated ‘Lock and Lift’ system.
Working in close collaboration with the project consulting engineers MWH, EJ submitted designs which included a new conceptual idea which further increased the safety for the end user. The new design allows the user to open the covers, install a stowable barrier at one end of the cover and then work backwards from the opening removing panels and support beams in sequence until the user installs the final barrier thus maintaining his/her safe working environment.

img1version2-queen img2version2-queen

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