The Prides Coalyard

Moreton Station


Wessex Water

Woodmace Ltd C/o ROK Build

The Prides Coalyard, Moreton, Dorset

3D chamber access system & 1680 series flush fitting twin & multiple leaf assisted lift access cover & frames

2000 mm x 1000 mm
2500 mm x 2500 mm

The nation’s local builder ROK commissioned Woodmace Civil Engineers to construct a pumping station for a housing development at the Prides Coalyard in Moreton, Dorset. This station required two entry points, allowing easy access for maintenance crews to clean and maintain the pump machinery ensuring the continual service to the new estate and the operational status of the station.

Project Summary
The design remit required products to comply with Sewers for Adoption edition 5, to have adequate security features to prevent unauthorised entry and suitable aspects to allow the adopting water authority Wessex Water the ability to perform their duties in a safe working environment.

EJ utilised their 3D & 1680 series products, adapting the designs to include recessed padlock points, cable entry points and split hinged safety grids where required. In particular the safety grids allow access to the chamber for jetting purposes, whilst their split hinge design allows them to promptly return to the closed position as the pump is lifted clear. The additional cable entry feature permits the cover lid to be fully closed while the pump is out-side of the chamber being repaired.

image 1 Moreton Station image 2 Moreton Station Case Study - amends

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