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The client required a more user friendly and safe solution for a chamber located at the

top of a pumping tower. A light aluminium grid was fitted previously which was dangerous

to remove with no room to place it while accessing the chamber.

When the grid was removed it was unsafe to descend the ladder to turn off the valves.


Project Summary

An initial site survey was carried out with an EJ Product Designer and relevant staff at the treatment plant.
A follow up visit to the site ensured the design met all requirements from the client.
One of the challenges to the design was the position of the ladder and support beam which were already in situ.


Proposed Solution

A fabricated steel flush fit unit with 5 individual covers which when all closed give a safe platform to work from, was installed on the
tower. A key ergonomic feature is the lift assistance provided by stainless steel mechanical struts on each cover. These were
necessary to the design as the shallow frame had to retrofit into the existing frame to minimise the civil work.
Each cover can be opened independently to work on either of the pumps as positioned by the guide rails and the opening allows for
efficient pump removal. Fall protection safety grids are located beneath each cover.


Key Benefit

The client and operatives were very satisfied with the finished product with easy access to the ladder rungs and the added safety assurance of
the fall protection grids. Cable / sensor fixing brackets were also added to the underside of the frames eliminating the need to fix anchor bolts to
the chamber wall. A fast and efficient installation took less than 3 hours to complete.


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