Berlin U5 Metro line extension

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebebe

EJ Deutschland GmbH

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)


20 'duplex' stainless steel smoke evacuation
hatches with electro-hydraulic opening

1.5 m x 2.5 m hatches (external dimensions)



BVG engaged EJ, global experts in designing bespoke access solutions as part of a large extension project for the Berlin metro line U5.
The new Unter den Linden Station, located in the historic, tourist heart of the German capital, at the intersection of 2 major metro lines, was to be equipped with 20 smoke evacuation

Situated in a pedestrian area and just above the platform of the U6 line, this
desired solution had to meet a number of criteria:

· Blend perfectly into the build environment
· Guarantee watertightness against rainwater
· Ensure the safety of pedestrians (in the event of an opening) by integrated safety grid
· Guarantee instant and simultaneous opening of 20 hatches
· Open despite a vehicle parked on them
The project also called for the coordination of multiple trades.



Approved solution

At BVG's request, the EJ team designed, manufactured and installed 20 ultra-resistant stainless steel smoke evacuation hatches. Each frame is set in a concrete surround and is delivered to site as a complete solution to minimise the civils work for the contractor..

The covers open using electro-hydraulic cylinders, and the closing is triggered by a push button. The weight of the cover combined with the resistance of the hydraulic system, prevent accidental opening of the cover or a possible intrusion attempt.

The control system of the device, also designed and manufactured by EJ, is connected to the operators system at BVG. The latter uses laser detection technology: in the event of fire or smoke, the alarm triggers the automatic and simultaneous opening of the 20 hatches in under 30 seconds. On the pavement an audible and visual warning (LEDs) allows pedestrians to move away from the danger zone. If a vehicle is parked on the hatches, they are designed to lift up to 10 tonnes even if it means tipping the vehicle.

Key benefits to the client

Thanks to the expertise of EJ, BVG benefit from a fully tailor-made solution: knowledge of site constraints and an understanding of materials
were essential to successfully delivering this project . In the case of non-standard projects such as the Berlin Underground, BVG was also
looking for a complete service offered by EJ, from the design of the solution to its installation, including production, delivery and after-sales

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