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Barrow Hill Reservoir

Thames Water

Optimise/J Murphy & Sons


Bespoke combined FF, TS, AG Cover with additional pipe surround

3540 mm x 3220 mm plus pipe surround to suit 600 mm diameter pipe

J.Murphy & Sons were looking for a product as close to SR4 security as possible. The existing covers were not user friendly and made access to the chamber very difficult.

Project Summary
Alongside a multi leaf SR4 access cover, the challenge was to also include a security surround for the 600 mm diameter pipe that led out of the chamber, up the wall and into the compound. The pipe was constructed of different angles and made designing a security surround even more of a challenge.

EJ engaged the contractors and designers and designed a cover that was made up of several drop in padlockable sections. J. Murphy & Sons requested access in two places to the chamber so EJ provided new internal ladders and designed two hinged assisted covers over the ladders with fall protection grids to enhance operator safety. During the approval stage Thames Water requested ventilation for the chamber so an additional upstand cover, located in the least trafficked area, was added to allow for this.

Installation was safely carried out over 5 days using the approved framework suppliers for crane and access equipment.

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