Multiple Opportunities with NEXUS™ Chambers

A9 Kincraig to Dalraddy DuallingClientTransport

Transport Scotland

Wills Bros Civil Engineering JV

Kincraig, Highland, Scotland

NEXUS™ Structural access chambers & AXIS™ Hinged access overs


The Kincraig to Dalraddy project was the first section of the A9 to be dualled as part of the A9 Dualling Programme. It consisted of predominately on-line carriageway widening and pavement upgrade. These upgrades called for chambers to house the new communication & electrical equipment.

Project Summary

The A9 is a major road running from the Falkirk council area in central Scotland to Scrabster Harbour, Thurso in the far north of the country.
At 273 miles (439 km) it is the longest road in Scotland and the fifth longest A-road in the UK. Historically it was the main road between Edinburgh and John O'Groats, and has been called the spine of Scotland.
EJ supplied over 1000 NEXUS™ chamber rings along with AXIS™ hinged covers to be installed on the chambers. The AXIS™ covers were also badged "MOTORWAY COMMUNICATIONS" to aid with identification in the future.
Design work for this project started in 2015 and EJ were proactive in speaking with the designers and Wills Bros to offer product advice to ensure their design needs were met.

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