EJ Access Grates and Covers - A Runway Success

RAAF Base Amberley - EJ Access Grates and Covers are a Runway Success

The Challenge:

You will need ear-muffs at RAAF Amberley when the circuits of FA-18 Hornets, F-35 Lightning IIs, and C-17 Globemasters roll through on their touch-and-go exercises. But discard the muffs to hear this. Amberley is upgrading its runways and taxiways to handle heavier aircraft; new hangars, maintenance and new simulator facilities; new heavy airlift precinct, new Air Traffic Control tower and fire station; multi-level carparks and staff facilities. As well as this, the 17th Construction Squadron and No.35 Squadron C-17 and soon, C-27J Spartan Battlefield airlifters are relocating here. It's a major makeover. And EJ has been in the thick of it.

The Solution:

Airports traditionally have very specific structural requirements, especially when it comes to access covers and grates. These items mostly need to be of the extra-heavy Class G standard. For example, at Amberley Air Base, hatch covers installed are ductile iron both cover and frame. They feature totally lockable, lift assist covers that open to a resting 105° position or can be completely removed. The patented 4L quick drainage, anti-slip patterned covers complete the ultimate safety solution.

Drainage grates also need to rate as Class G, heavy duty standard, capable of supporting massive trundling transport and fighter aircraft. Amberley is equipped with the French made Aquera Range of 400kN modular triangular gratings from EJ. The frame is made from robust galvanized mild steel for ease of installation and are maintenance free. The bolt- down gratings themselves are manufactured in almost indestructible ductile iron. They offer a generous clear opening of 1854mmx1736mm.

Also throughout the tarmacs and taxiways at Amberley, EJ features in kilometres of ductile iron cast TG30G trench grates with a 900kN design load. In this instance, Amberley's specifications were for transverse pattern but longitudinal gratings are also available.

Other trench grates and frames include LG30Dim, the 160mm Class D cast trench grates and frames plus the A77D Class D access covers and frames.

EJ Dedicated Ports Team for Asia Pacific Region

Our dedicated Ports Team is available throughout the Asia Pacific region to assist port authorities, consultants and contractors during the specification, construction and operation phases. EJ is proud of its 135 Years of experience and expertise across the ever-growing Airports & Ports sector. EJ offers an extensive range of globally manufactured product that guarantees the highest quality to meet the demands of port and airport construction projects.



Royal Australian Air Force


Amberley Base, Queensland, Australia


8198 Assembly Hinged Hatches
Ductile Iron Frame (70-50-05)
Ductile Iron Cover (70-50-05)
F900kN - Certification – ASTM A536
1270 x 1270mm clear opening
TG30G-C Class G Ductile Iron Transverse Trench Grate and Frame
Ductile Iron Castings Grade 600/3
(AS 1831:2007)
F900 – Conforms – AS3996
300 mm clear opening
Aquera Range Modular Gratings
FC4G185173VCHC 400KN
Code 6178-0002
Mild Steel Frame S 235 JRG-NF EN
F400 – Conforms –FC4G EN124
1736 x 1854 mm clear opening

Other Grates & Covers:

135 meters of Class G trench grate
and frame (TG30G)
128 meters of Class D trench grate
and frame (LG30Dim)
900 x 12,160mm Class D cast trench
grate and frame
42 x A77D Class D access covers
and frames

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