Designed for Safety

Available Cover Safety Features

Safety in Design

A hinged cover design emphasizes ergonomics and safety for the work crews that regularly access underground infrastructure. Patented features greatly reduce most causes of pinch, crush, and strain injuries.

Opening & Removal

The cover opens 120º on the patented hinge design. The cover is supported by the hinge, which steadies the lifting action and makes it more secure. If desired, the cover can be easily removed when fully open at 120º. It can also be left in place so that maintenance workers don't have to lift or carry the heavy cover. To reduce the likelihood of accidental closure, our hinge is designed with a Safety Catch that blocks the cover at 90º. Opening the cover is accomplished with a pick or pry bar, which fits securely into a sturdy MPIC® multi tool pick bar slot located across from the hinge. Additionally, lift assist features are available as options on some hinged units.

Cam Lock Security Option

To improve the security and safety of your underground infrastructure assets, many EJ hinged covers can be ordered with the Cam Lock security option. This gives the cover a tight, sturdy locking option, without removable fasteners that can be lost or misplaced. The Cam Lock opens easily with the provided Cam Lock Wrench. Please note, the Cam Lock Wrench cannot be removed from the Cam Lock until the cover is closed and the lock has been engaged. When leaving the job site, this feature provides a clear visual signal that the cover is closed and the Cam Lock is engaged.

Safety Bar

The Safety Bar is a patented, maintenance-free safety feature based on a simple mechanical action that cannot jam or fail. When covers are opened past 90º, the Safety Bar ‘self-engages’ (locks into place automatically) and prevents the cover from closing accidentally or prematurely. Painted bright yellow for high visibility, an easy pull disengages the Safety Bar for controlled cover closing.

Safety Grates

Optional safety grates provide an extra level of security and safety. When in place, the safety grates—coated with bright orange epoxy—create a visual and physical barrier so that workers and equipment cannot fall into chambers when the cover is opened. Safety grates can also be locked independently of cover locking mechanisms, providing redundant security. When operators are ready to enter, the hinged and lightweight safety grate opens easily, remains open, and cannot lock or jam shut. Safety grates must be closed before surface level covers are closed—this ensures that fall-through protection is in place every time the hatch is accessed and provides a clear visual signal that the hatch is closed before crews leave the site.

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